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From a multitude of mysteries, in the middle of the workshop dust, I constantly try to reveal THE form. The one I wore without my knowledge?, The one that was buried in the material? ... whatever, it will be the one that will emerge from all my feelings of the present moment.

Significant and symbolic forms or postures revealed by my desire will then calligraphy the material that I will give to read.

Half figurative, half abstract, my art travels between the two.

Faces and bodies are born in curves and hairlines, sensations, movements, rhythms.

My sculpture belongs to the field of discovery. When I sculpt, whether in direct carving on slate or in plaster to give birth to bronzes, I am not trying to illustrate a pre-established form. I build a shape that makes me recognize the feeling that I carry.

In the beginning is indecision. I'm looking for a trace, an imprint, a landmark, a memory in the material, a clue ...

I cut, I sand, I shake up the material, then something happens; sometimes a small detail, like an echo or on the contrary like a call.

I recognize an eye, a back, a vertebra, the sketch of a framework, a construction, a movement ... In reality I recognize the beginning of a soul (of my soul?), The beginning of a structure, the beginning of a work.

  • Sculpture leads me into research areas, without a priori, where I will find the path that will materialize this flow that crosses me by modeling the material

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